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Støt Dr. Agnes Gereb

23. december 2011

To Midwives, both Independent and Hospital based, and to Midwifery Professional Organisations.

We write looking for your personal and professional support in the campaign underway in Hungary to stop the mistreatment of Agnes Gereb by legalising and properly regulating the profession of Independent midwife and also by demanding that adverse birth incidents involving midwives will, in future, be investigated by a professional committee of their peers and not as is currently the case by the criminal courts.

On the 20th of December, 2011 an important step in the fight for Agnes Gereb's rights and the rights of all Hungarian midwives took place with the launch of the Justice for Ágnes Geréb Movement. As part of the launch we have put a petition on the internet which among other things

  • calls upon the government to intervene to stop criminal proceedings until the legal framework for evaluating the actions of independent midwives at adverse birth incidents are properly formed
  • proposes that out-of-hospital birth practitioners be legally recognized as an independent medical professional

Our fundamental contention is that Dr Gereb and midwives involved in birth complications are criminalised not through their birth actions but because the current judicial system applies double standards as to how it treats midwives by comparison with Hungarian hospital maternity doctors when adverse birth incidents arise.

The failure to introduce full and proper out-of-institute births legislation violates Dr Geréb's professional and human rights but also the future rights of other out-of-hospital birth attendants as they cannot have their birth actions evaluated impartially and professionally by a medical committee of their peers but will continue to be tried in front of a criminal court.

We would very much appreciate if you would take the time to read the full petition statement. We have emphasised to the government that the Justice Movement is very strongly composed of international individuals and organisations who uphold and promote civil and human rights issues and they will take note if important international professional midwifery organisations and practitioners sign the petition. Signing the petition supports a mistreated midwife but it also signals support for the introduction of legal changes in Hungary to have out-of-institute midwives recognised and protected as a legitimate profession.

If there is anything that would prevent you from signing the petition and supporting the 4 stated aims of the Justice for Agnes Gereb Movement then either Gabriella or I would be pleased to hear from you so that we could clarify matters fully.

With warmest regards and thanks for your support

Donal Kerry and Gabriella Nagy
International Spokespersons
Donal +36-30-924-2190
Gabriella +36-30-572-2506
E-mail: free@remove-this.birth.hu

Here is the petition site (please read instructions below before accessing it) http://www.peticiok.com/igazsagot_gereb_agnesnek

The petition site is primarily set-up for Hungarian visitors so we have translated into english the 7 fields u must complete in order to have ur name processed (these 7 fields also appear in english on the top of the petition web page to help gudie you)

1. Keresztnév = Christian name (please provide)
2. Vezetéknév = Family name
3. Város = City
4. Ország = Country ( when u hit the cursor a huge range of country options will appear and I have listed below some countries which may be relevant to you)
5. Email cím = email address
6. Aláírásod nyilvános? = do you wish your signature to be seen publically or not ? ............ if yes mark IGEN ............ if no mark NEM
7. Írd alá ezt a Petíciót = sign this petition (u achieve this by pressing the cursor onto this phrase)

After completing step 7 it will generate a seperate email to ur email address and the new email will ask you to confirm your signature/email address and u do this by clicking on the second blue link line provided and which is marked

Aláírásod MEGERŐSÍTÉSÉHEZ vagy az alábbi aláírás ELTÁVOLÍTÁSÁHOZ kérlek nyisd meg a következő oldalt: http://www.peticiok.com/v/6888436/GUJ4DB

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